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Nanagu Shaale Programs

Nanagu Shaale Programmes are based on the thorough examination of the existing problem-riddled ecosystem of Inclusive Education. We train and motivate teachers and staff to help students understand their uniqueness and inherent strengths. This empowers Children With Special Needs to find their space in the social environment within schools and transform into individuals who understand their potential, become productive and engage with the society effectively.

School Readiness Program

Most children with disability get to school late, if at all. And when they do, they need special coaching to make them ready for the class that they should ideally belong to. We’ve designed a School Readiness Program that prepares them to be part of mainstream education. This program has made a big difference to children with disability – just because teachers and schools were not equipped to manage them, they were classified as ‘children who should get home-based education’.

Student Empowerment Program

Nanagu Shaale works to equip a learning room within a mainstream school that serves as a bridge space where Children With Special Needs, who have never seen a school before, are brought up to speed and taught the skills necessary to make them school-ready. At the next level, we ensure that the child is able to progress all the way till matriculation without giving up on the learning and evolving process.

Teacher Training Program

We provide teachers with the tools to empower the process of inclusion of Children With Special Needs within their respective schools. The training programs help teachers to address the problem of systemic inclusion, the barriers to inclusion and the methods to solve the problem. We empower teachers with the advantages of tech enabled learning, give them an introduction to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and digital support to increase access to learning and reduce barriers for students.

Positive Parenting Program

Parents of Children With Special Needs often find it difficult to understand the learning needs of the child and are initially sceptical about the possibility of inclusive education. This is dealt with by SRP (School Readiness Program) teachers at Nanagu Shaale. The focus of this Program is to maximize the quality of time that the parent spends with the child. We emphasise a method of teaching which is focused one-on-one skills that are tailored individually to the needs of each child.

Community Awareness Program

Nanagu Shaale Community Awareness Programs are designed to make stakeholders understand that the most inclusive school communities are ones that encourage parents, students and teachers to come together and give back to the community. We get stakeholders to participate in relevant events to build a sense of ownership and make communities understand the problems of Children With Special Needs and the possible solutions.


This is an awareness program that empowers people who work tirelessly to impact the lives of Children With Special Needs. NEVER-THE-LESS conducts an annual conference with an objective to get experts to make inclusion happen through sharing best practices, ideas, knowledge and technology.