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Nanagu Shaale Programs

Nanagu Shaale Enables
Inclusion Of Children With
Special Needs

• School Readiness Program focusing on mainstreaming of Children With Special Needs
• Student Empowerment Program that enables their retention within schools
• Teacher Training Programs to facilitate Inclusive Education
• Positive Parenting to help encourage child participation and inclusion in the community
• Community Awareness programs to change mindsets and find solutions to many factors that lead to exclusion
• NEVER-THE-LESS offers support services to NGOs and Disabled Peoples’ Organisations (DPOs), to empower the people who work to impact the lives of Children With Special Needs


We trained 2000 teachers to work with Children With Special Needs. We worked with NGO’s and Disabled Peoples’ Organisations (DPO’s) in empowering them to address the need for inclusive education and mainstreaming of Children With Special Needs. We have been working with various Government Departments with a mandate to build their capacity and provide technical training to address specific programs for Children With Special Needs including sports, games, excursions, talent shows, recreation etc.

True Inclusion

Inclusive Education means education of all students as equal participants in the learning process. It entails involving students with disabilities as equals, enabling their effective learning and participation in all educational activities and practices at school. Over the last decade, Nanagu Shaale has been instrumental in changing the inclusive education landscape by working with Sarva Shiksha Abhyan (SSA) – Karnataka and all its programs related to Children With Special Needs (CWSN). This intervention has been instrumental in making all Govt. schools in the State inclusive for Children With Special Needs.

Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) requires the development of an inclusive education system at all levels, where students with disabilities can be part of their local school alongside their non-disabled peers, with the right support and accommodation to develop academically and socially (Rieser, 2012). Nanagu Shaale works towards ensuring that the rights of children with disabilities are protected.