Children Matter

You know as well as we do, that in this increasingly challenging world, it takes a lot of effort to educate and empower children who belong to the marginalised, unrecognised and ignored segments. Our work has succeeded in creating socially responsive, self-reliant communities that work together to create safe environments for children as well as sustainable change through collective participation.

We catalyse social change by piloting innovative model solutions that governments and civil societies can replicate using our technical knowledge, in-depth understanding of the challenges, and unique insights gleaned from two decades of dedicated work in social development.

Say No!

In Kerala, through Project VENDA, we educated and empowered over 3,00,000 children to say a firm “NO” to drugs and help them make responsible choices using a range of well-planned initiatives, which have been recognised by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) as the best practice for evidence-based intervention. In June 2021, we launched our S.A.F.E. Program that is creating Substance Abuse Free Environments in six districts across the State. By 2024, we will positively impact the lives of half a million students in Kerala.

Say Yes!

In Karnataka, through Schools Where All Belong, we have trained and mainstreamed over 60,000 children with disability into regular government schools, giving them not only a childhood but also hope for the future. We enable inclusive education by helping parents, teachers and the community take ownership of mainstreaming them. Karnataka is estimated to have 3,00,000 children with disabilities who are confined to the four walls of a room without any hope. By 2025, we will work on more government schools across the State to say “YES” to integrating an additional 1,00,000 children with disabilities.