Fourth Wave Foundation

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Making teens live purposefully and positively by avoiding dangers lurking in society in the form of substance abuse, sexual abuse, social network abuse and alcoholism

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Fourth Wave Foundation is a response to the call for social change.

The approach involves taking up social issues and turning them into innovation challenges, while working with multi-stakeholders to address the divides and inequalities that exist in and around us. Our key areas of focus include: Education, Empowerment, Ethics and Inclusion.

Areas of Change

Projects under way

Empowering teenagers to say ‘NO’ to substance abuse

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We see people with disabilities every day, but did you know that one out of every six people in the world has a disability?

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70 million people in India (6% of our population) are estimated as persons with disabilities

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The issue of intentional killing of girl infants (zero to five years old) is one of the grave problems faced by pregnant women and mothers in remote regions of India…

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Female disadvantage takes on different forms in India, from economic and social challenges to the less obvious yet critical ones like Sexual and Reproductive Health of Women.

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India today is a nation of massive and unprecedented economic development, a complex society shaped by regional and cultural identities…

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We live in a world of contradictions, especially so in India where we have 1 million engineers but 16 million kids who are not in school;

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