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Positive Parenting Program

For inclusive education to succeed, it is vital that parents or caretakers of the Children With Special Needs are included in the sensitisation process to maintain a positive attitude towards inclusion.

This goes a long way in building the capacity of teachers, principals and other education stakeholders.

Parents’ involvement builds positive relationships, encourages new behaviours and creates optimism amongst themselves, their children and teachers.


Over the years we have trained over 800 parents/ caretakers catering to the needs of children across disabilities. The programme prepares children to join schools and function in a group setting, through activities conducted with parents and children.


We work with batches of 10 parents who are enrolled with the Positive Parenting Programs with yearly follow-ups. Sharing success stories with parents helps in inclusion.

  • Parents get to see the changes and improvements in a child.
  • Parents also become part of the day-to-day activities and therapies of children.
  • Regular conversations with school teachers and school authorities help with the process.