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Student Empowerment Program


‘Nanagu Shaale SRP program has mainstreamed Children With Special Needs into 40 government schools and over 400 staff and teachers are trained to support their assimilation. Children With Special Needs who are mainstreamed, are part of the SRP for a prolonged period for special care but regularly attend the mainstream schools. The management, teaching and non-teaching staff in the schools are sensitised and provided timely support to enable the assimilation of CWSN and to ensure their long term retention in the school system.


SRP centres serve as a space where a child with special needs comes for their needs of physiotherapy, assisted learning, technology update, track progress on Individualised Education Plan charts etc. Inclusive education is about responding to diversity in all its forms and creating an education system to accommodate all.


The beauty of the project is that there’s no single model but in a general sense it is a combination of general education classroom formats with active teacher support. When it comes to children who are mainstreamed like Mohan at the Hirejantkal SRP. The method was to adopt a combination model to support the need for the child. This combination of the model to equip a child to his/her particular needs is what’s indicative of the model of Nanagu Shaale.