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What Can You Do?


Your donation will support activities that address issues of Inclusion and Empowerment of children and young adults.
The work includes awareness education, capacity building, empowerment and development. Our interventions are backed by extensive research that helps achieve our vision of lasting impact in the lives of all we work with.
The support thus rendered will help us continue doing what many said was painstaking, impossible and tiresome. It was ambitious indeed! But our consistency has paid off. It is creating lasting ripples of change. And today every penny of support will become life-changing for children.
Fourth Wave Foundation is a registered trust in India and all donations made to Fourth Wave Foundation are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of the Income-tax Act.


We work on Employee Engagement Programs providing volunteering opportunities for companies/individuals and groups on volunteering with programs, research and outreach work at Fourth Wave Foundation

Career And Internship

Career/Interning at Fourth Wave Foundation is a serious job. We seek to engage with talented and ambitious people to join our team. If you’re passionate, articulate, and ready to change the world, join us and explore the areas where you will have hands-on experience of working at the grassroots and frontlines.

Legal Compliances

80G: All donations in the name of Fourth Wave Foundation are deductible under section 80G of the Income-tax Act 1961.
12A: The Fourth Wave Foundation is registered under 12AA(1)(b)(i) of the Income-tax Act 1961.
FCRA: Fourth Wave Foundation is registered under section 11(1) of the Foreign Contributions Regulations Act 2010 Act and is permitted to accept Foreign Contributions.