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Vocational Training /Skill Development Program

Nothing empowers young adults more than acquiring the skill sets and competencies required to get decent jobs or become entrepreneurs themselves. And this is exactly what our skill development and vocational training program does. Taking away the fear of unemployment and the helplessness of being dependent steers them away from turning to substance abuse for refuge and instead, opens up a new world of promise and opportunity


Project VENDA works with teens and young adults who have dropped out of school to enrol them for vocational training and skilling programs that meet the basic requirements of select industries. We also try our level best to find employment for them in progressive organisations that don’t discriminate. Project VENDA partners with companies to provide teens and young adults with careers. We also get such young adults to work with us as interns and trainees who later develop into advocates of our cause – some have even evolved into leaders and mentors within Project VENDA. We’ve proven that people who are given a second chance do well and very often contribute to the community more than others.


“My brothers and I had a tough childhood – though my parents tried to make things better, thanks to their idiosyncrasies, our situation only went from bad to worse. Football was our escape from all this. In fact, my brother, who realised my potential introduced me to the Venda Football Cup and their coaches. From then on, my life started changing. I qualified to represent India in Cardiff for the Homeless World Cup 2019. In fact, I was one of the eight players from India, which includes my friend Alan Solomon. As the goalkeeper of the Indian team, I won the Best Save Of The Tournament Award. What I am most thrilled about is the fact that we won the Dragon Cup for India by defeating the German team in the final. I think I now know that I will devote my life to playing and coaching children to play football.” Mayjo