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Teacher Sensitisation Program

At Project VENDA, we believe that teachers are the frontline of support who play a formative role in shaping attitudes, habits and Behaviour. Teachers play a critical role in nurturing current and future generations to encourage and equip children with sound critical thinking skills for everyday life. A sensitised teacher knows more about the child and often becomes the child’s trustworthy refuge.


We’ve sensitised over 15,000 teachers in 750 schools in Kerala over the past five years, building a first line of support for students. Teachers are empowered to teach important life lessons beyond academics. Our Teacher Sensitisation Workshop has been established as a proven model of making teachers effective enablers for children.

Key topics include: Teaching excellence in the 21st century | Brain science and addiction cycle | Major causes for addictions | Identifying behavioural changes in children | Catering to children with addictions | Addressing sexual abuse | Awareness of the legal framework of child protection | POCSO and COTPA protocols

Training Time: 120 minutes

Number of participants per batch: For the training to be effective, we recommend only 30 teachers per batch.


“As a teacher, I have personally understood the value that Project VENDA brings to the table. I now understand that children today live in a very different world filled with distractions and mis-information that can cause tremendous damage. The role of a teacher today needs to change accordingly – and that is why I believe in what Project VENDA does for teachers.” T A Louis, St. Mary’s Govt. High School, Kochi