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Rehabilitation Program

Research shows that the most effective way to help children with substance use problem who may be at risk for developing a substance use disorder is to intervene early, before the condition can progress. But often times children with substance use disorder is seen to be stigmatised by society in general. The stigma also seems to extend to primary care givers and family. So the tendency for children to hide their problem and for the family to hush it up is a big deterrent in the rehab process. The general public seems to be more likely to have negative attitudes towards those dealing with drug addiction than those who were dealing with mental illness. With this recognition, Project VENDA not only provides a screening for substance misuse so that emerging problems can be detected and early intervention provided if necessary, but also serves as an easy space for the child or family to come because it does not carry a tag of a rehab or treatment centre. It is just a lively space where youth come together to work with children. This enables ease of access for those who require attention and care intervention.

For specialiased care and intervention Project VENDA partners with
institutions, hospitals and reform homes for rehab support by
handholding child through treatment.