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Positive Parenting Program

Very often, parents are unaware of the fact that simple changes in perspective and spending quality time with children go a long way to bind the family together and make children trust parents enough to share their fears and worries. This in turn fosters a safe, nurturing, positive environment that creates a healthy home.

Our program acknowledges the diverse socio-cultural backgrounds of the parents by reinforcing the universality of parenting in today’s world. We reaffirm the importance of parents as the first line of defence in successfully preventing children and youth from substance abuse using a structured positive parenting program.


We have successfully supported 10,000 parents of children in various communities in Kerala across the last five years.
Key topics include Parenting in the 21st century | Brain science and addiction cycle | Major causes for addictions | Signs to look out for | Behavioural changes in children | Honest communication | Helping children deal with addictions and sexual abuse | Developmental psychology

Training Time: 120 minutes

Number of participants per batch: Delivered through Parent Teacher Associations in Schools
Ideally, both the parents should attend the workshop together.


Through my engagement with Project VENDA I became increasingly aware of the need to create an opportunity at home for children to share freely and have open and honest conversations. The parent workshop stressed on the importance of trust among parents and children. Just as we expect our children to be honest with us, we need to be open and honest with them as well – was an important takeaway from the engagement. It has made a lot of difference in my parenting style. Shalini George