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Influencing Policy Change

Project VENDA has been invited to many international forums including the UNODC (Vienna – 2019) and the Dicastery for Integral Human Development (Vatican) to present papers on its efforts – especially the transformation case studies of the red-flagged areas in Kochi, Kerala.

We are also a member of the Global Ethics Consortium, a Member of MOVENDI International and an Operating Partner of Drug Policy Futures.

In India and Kerala, we work closely with the Government. We have conducted programs for Nehru Yuva Kendra (Central Govt.); Narcotics Control Bureau; Excise & Anti-Narcotic Special Squad; Department of Women & Children…

In Kerala, we conduct Train-the-Trainer programs for the Police, Narcotics Control Bureau and the Juvenile Justice Board. We also work with psychiatrists, doctors, counsellors, hospitals, heads of institutions, teachers and parents in the Govt. sector to identify, counsel and rehabilitate children affected by one kind of abuse or the other.