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Community Intervention

Today’s youth and children face many dangers, including drug abuse within the communities. It can be difficult to respond to these risks without the community taking ownership of finding solutions. Prevention programs work at community level with civic, religious, law enforcement, government organisations and self-help groups to enhance anti-drug norms and pro-social behaviour. Some of these community partnerships are spontaneous. However strategic partnerships can be created through special community centred programs which are often key to changing certain aspects of the social environment.


Our community participation and intervention programs have enabled communities to find solutions within the community itself and hold stakeholders accountable for providing safe environments.

We partner with local authorities (panchayat level), Kudumbasree, Anganwadis, Janamaithri police, auto and taxi unions, schools, colleges, religious institutions, local administrative bodies and social workers to help minimise the risk of children being exposed to the availability, prevalence and use of substances.


Community Engagements: House visits and monthly gatherings have been an integral part of creating awareness in the community, turning them into key changemakers. The Project VENDA team organises monthly gatherings to promote alternative pursuits and community engagement to strengthen substance-abuse-free communities.


I now find girls actively pursuing football and taking on leadership roles. I find boys participating in social welfare initiatives and being quite proactive. These are all the changes that Project VENDA’s community program has brought about – in addition to actively working on containing substance abuse, they have played a key role in influencing a very positive change among young adults.”