Nethravathi Mahanthigi


Nethravathi Mahanthigi

We were at the Dharwad girls school documenting the number of differently abled girl children attending school. Walking along the corridors there was a curious trail shoes that led us to a classroom with girls sitting on the floor paying rapt attention to their class teacher.

Upon entering the classroom, almost immediately Nethra caught our attention. Her pretty eyes sparked with a keen intelligence and her friendly demeanor drew us in. We struck up a conversation with Nethra which made us realise that she had all the characteristics of what we have read as a Crystal child rather than a child with spasticity.

Doreen, the author of The Crystal Children says “ they are the most connected, communicative caring and cuddly of any generation.. they display an unprecedented level of kindness and sensitivity.. they spontaneously hug and care for people in need.

Nethra exhibits all these characteristics – an extremely friendly , affectionate , warm and loving child with a remarkable friendship with Deepa. They’ve been friends since they were 2 years old and their friendship still remains strong. Nethra is very loving and caring of all her classmates and friends .

One of our team members, Shilpa, experienced this firsthand .

As were leaving the school premises for lunch, Nethra tapped Shilpa on the shoulder and when Shilpa turned around, Nethra was with a beautiful sunshiny flower and gave it to her with a brilliant smile on her face . Later that day , when our work was done and we were leaving town, Shilpa spotted Nethra waving at her. When Shilpa waved back, Nethra crossed the road and gave her a big hug.

Shilpa says, “ I will never forget that day or Nethra. Receiving such a random act of kindness, moved me”.