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70 million people in India (6% of our population) are estimated as persons with disabilities, but sadly only 2% of them have seen through school and only 1 % is gainfully employed. Our ignorance of what persons with disability can and cannot do and lack of facilities that make life simpler comes as a barrier for them to live a more fruitful life; a life of dignity.

Infinite Possibilities

Nevertheless, there are millions of people worldwide who live with, battle, and are compelled to overcome their disabilities every single day of their lives. Nevertheless, they have achieved great things. Persons with disabilities are perfectly capable of making valuable contribution to society given similar facilities that mainstream society appropriates to make life convenient. Including this segment of the populace in schools and colleges not only gives them a voice but opens our minds to infinite possibilities when we learn, work and live together.

Let’s Make a Difference

If we could walk hand-in-hand, provide the same opportunities and conveniences, just as we do for ourselves, we make life less of a battle and more of a healthy challenge for all. And the cornerstone of this idea for inclusion is you and me.

An initiative of the Fourth Wave Foundation, Never-the-less is an awareness campaign that sensitizes various segments of society about the realities of persons with disabilities and works for a community where all belong! It started with a month-and-a-half long campaign which culminated in a conclave bringing together various stakeholders: organizations of persons with disabilities, NGOs, corporates, government and educational institutes to take the initiative forward as well as share cases of successful initiatives. The journey continues today with the involvement of over 40 NGOs and various business houses and industry entities.

A small change of perception can make a big difference in the life of persons with disabilities. Become the change and together we can make everything and everyone more able.


  • IIMB
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  • Asvas

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