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My Choice for Equality

Equal in an Unequal World

“We live in a world of contradictions, especially so in India where we have 1 million engineers but 16 million kids who are not in school; 70 per cent of our healthcare facilities are in cities while 70 per cent of our population lives in villages and small towns. Hence inequality as a theme of the conference is very relevant.” Mr Shibulal, CEO and Co- Founder of Infosys and Co-Chair of the Global Ethics Forum, opening address, Global Ethics Forum 2014 Conference, Bangalore.

“At best, inequality is demotivating; at worst it is dangerously destabilizing. We need to focus on inclusive growth by leveling the playing field. We can achieve this with technology in the hands of all, good governance for sustainability, innovation and social entrepreneurship for prosperity, and public private partnerships.” Ms. Kumud Srinivasan, President of Intel India

The Global Ethics Forum 2014 Conference addressed questions on business ethics through a diverse framework of plenary and workshop sessions bringing together the voices of key leaders from India and worldwide. Together participants discussed the concepts, practical tools and solutions resulting from the workgroups and activities, and benefited from the potential of global networking.

For the first time social media was mobilized to run the ‘My Choice for Equality’ campaign to recognize individuals who combat against diverse forms of inequality around the world.

My Choice for Equality

Thank you to all those who participated in the ‘My Choice for Equality’ initiative that ran from September to December 2013 in preparation for the Global Ethics Forum 2014 Conference in Bangalore, India. This initiative was launched by the Globe Ethics Forum in partnership with the Fourth Wave Foundation, India as an attempt to provide global recognition to individuals who have stood up against inequality of any form, and taken action towards establishing a more equal, impartial and fair world.

This first campaign received numerous testimonials from all over the world, describing the heroic efforts of ordinary individuals who have taken extraordinary actions against inequality. The Global Ethics Forum 2014 Conference gave recognition to each of the nominees by posting their photos and stories on the Wall of Equality. A number of nominees were invited in person to share their experience with the Conference participants in Bangalore.

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