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Prashanth’s sister


In a little village in Dharwad district, on a jaggli (patio) of a little house, singing a little folksie lullaby to hush the cries of a little boy in a cloth cradle sits “Prashanth’s sister”. When you look into the cradle, Prashanth, the little boy is not so little after all. Wrapped and swaddled is the infantile form of the 14 year old Prashanth.

Prashanth’s 13 year old sister sits by his cradle day in and day out caring for Prashanth. She is his primary care giver which requires her to feed, bathe, dress and pacify Prashanth. Their mom and dad are their breadwinners which leaves Prashanth’s sister with the responsibility of caring for her older brother. She went to Government school till the 7th standard and dropped out last year to be there for Prashanth’s care.

What sits on that patio every evening is a girl who has to watch her friends go to school and play without her. They get to blossom into bright futures, but her eyes only see her bleak reality…

A lost childhood.

A sense of inevitable duty.

An identity and purpose of only ever being “Prashanth’s sister”.

In all this, Prashanth’s sister doesn’t resent her brother. She cares deeply for him and devotes her every waking moment to his care .As she caresses her brother’s hair to soothe him; one can see an inordinate amount of love and tenderness in that action.

She is “Prashanth’s sister”, filled with a sense of duty and love for her brother. Her identity and purpose amounting to just that, being “Prashanth’s sister”, and that seem to be enough for now.

Her name is Parimala.

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