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An assignment was given to the children of the co-education primary school and middle school in Dharwad District and a prize for the best project was announced. The 5th standard class was bubbling with enthusiasm as the winner of the best project was awarded to Parvathi, their classmate. With a dextrous combination of twine, wood and cardboard, Parvathi had fashioned a model of scales.

In a system where most government schools are separated by caste , religion and gender we see Parvathi excelling in a school which doesn’t follow the old paradigm.

Her school is also a Model school which has an inclusive education system, where boys and girls go to school together and where special needs children are a part of every classroom.

This progressive, inclusive environment makes for a future which breaks the old norms of gender inequality, encouraging women/girls to be more independent and find their own voice, to rescue themselves from the roles dictated and imposed on them by society.

Perhaps it was with great intent that Parvathi decided to make a model of scales as a symbol for her future filled with equality and acceptance or maybe she just loved the science behind its construction. The fact remains that she is the brilliant product of an inclusive and equality based system.

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