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Manjunath and Manjunath


The only thing Manjunath and Manjunath have in common is their name and their their differently abled lives.

One Manjunath was sent to school and still goes to school but today, as an employee. He is involved in the day to day activities of running the school like assembling the kids for daily prayer, overseeing the preparation and serving of the mid-day meal to the chidren at school. He also performs office boy duties and the most fun of all rings the school bell (with a gleaming face).

He is independent, self sufficient and plays a contributory role in his society.

In stark contrast is the story of our other Manjunath who is now 26years old is homebound and need to be looked after.

The supportive structure of the schooling system helps differently abled people to integrate into mainstream society as functioning members of it.

The  support structure at school direct their energies to making the individual more independent as opposed to the individual being indefinitely taken care of at home resulting in a more dependent lifestyle.

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