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Basavaraj and the Resource Room


As recently as 1 year ago Basavaraj used to be carried by his mother to attend school every day. Now he walks to school on his own.

This was made possible for Basavaraj by the Block Resource Centre at his school. A Block resource Centre enables him with physical therapy and a variety of learning aids that helps him learn according to his specific needs with the benefit of being in the school’s social environment.

The Bloc Resource Centre requires teachers with IRT (Integrated Resource Team) training and are equipped to cater to each special needs child’s individual needs.

The IRT (Integrated Resource Team) training is provided by our government. The Block Resource Centres are cleverly planned to engage the children physically with trampolines, cycles, swings, slides and other fun aides to help with their gross and fine motor skills.

Basic Mathematics, science and language skills are honed with teaching aides as well.

The Basic Resource Centres are often funded by Private Enterprises and charitable individuals which have markedly improved the quality of life for children as special and remarkable as Basavaraj.

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