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Under the cool shade of the expansive peepal tree, the playful laughter of a bunch of kids breaks the silence of a hot summer’s evening. A rousing game of Anekal (stone catching) has all the kids frenzied and bursting with excitement.

Among the players, is Aishwarya, the one who seems to be winning!  Her unwavering attention to the stones in the air hasn’t deterred her from grabbing the stones below. Aishwarya is the star of this game and all the children love to play it with her.

This evening it’s Anekal, tomorrow it will be Kuntebillay (hopscotch) and the day after, maybe Kannamuchalae( hide and seek ). Every evening Aishwarya and her friends find new games to play.

Despite her not being too articulate (speech impairment) her friends have no difficulty understanding or communicating with her. Her friends and all the children in the village come looking for Aishwarya to be a part of her play group. Every evening Aishwarya seems to be the life of all the games.

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